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Do You Know That A Regular Maintenance Of Your Pond Is Better Than One Massive Yearly Clean.

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The Services We Provide

  • Maintenance

    They type of maintenance GMPoz offers include, Ensuring that equipment is running properly(servicing of water pumps and filters), Water testing, Water changing , Gravel Cleaning, Trimming Of water Plants and Recommend chemicals products to ensure that the water remains clear, attract and habitable for the species living in the pond.

  • Cleaning Water

    When Cleaning Water in your fish ponds, we do not use chlorine because it will kill your fish and plants, damage the pump and stain your walls. Instead We clean your water using Biological Filtration System and UV Light. In the instance you don't have the above mentioned, then we will clean it using water treatments we have available.

  • Water Chemistry

    We will taste your water using the Drop Type test Or Oase Quicksticks. The main things we check are Carbonate Hardness and pH. For those with fish, we also check for Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites. In most cases, they things mentioned above won't be a factor if your biological filter is a good one and in perfect condition. 


What Services Do You Provide In Summer?

In summer we first begin by ensuring that your pump and filter are well maintained, this is because in this season, fish tends to eat more and grow quickly. This is due to a high metabolism. This leads to an increase in waste is hence the need to ensure that the filtration can keep up with the increase in waste.

Among other things we do for you is to eliminate the String Algae from that from your ponds using the chemicals we have at our disposal. Moreover,we also do water changes. Remember water changing is not topping up. Lastly but not the least, we ensure that your pond has sufficient oxygen.During this period, we encourage that you feed your fish more, a high metabolism requires more food.

What Services Do You Provide In Autumn

It's of utmost importance, that you do not limit the maintenance of your pond to once a year as this may have serious consequences to the fish, water and the plants. Usually, the winding down of summer should be a sign of another pond maintenance. During this period if contracted we perform errands such as netting of leaves that have fallen and vacuuming the bottom of the pond. Furthermore, we also trim and remove dead flower stalks. Apart from that, we also remove the sediment that has built up over the summer period. Its our aim to give your pond pump and filter a good clean before the next season begins.

During this period we advice that the separation and repotting of some pond plants. Pond nets or pond guard are vital in preventing bird predation. With consultation from you, we might help you with setting them up. We might help you with reporting after consulting with you. Lastly but not the least, we also advice that you feed your fish a lower protein diet as there metabolism slows down. 

What Services Do You Provide In Winter?

Winter is when most pond pumps and filters have leaves in them, so during this period, will check them for you to remove the leaves and other debris. We will also remove uneaten food from the pond. There is a lot of uneaten food because, of the fish been dormant and eating less. Winter is also a perfect time to set a water feature, so that it can be running smoothly by summer time. So if you want help with setting that up, we would be more than glad to help you. In addition, we can also help with the moving of pond pumps to pond surface as mixing deeper cold water with warm water might cause a chill which would give the fish unnecessary stress. In addition to everything mentioned above, we will also remove dead or dying lily, marginal leaves and stems. 

Our advice to our clients during this period is that you reduce on feeding your fish as it does not require more food due to low metabolism.